Monday, August 1, 2011

My Top 5 Favorite ELF products

This one all time favorite product from the ELF studio line. This is the Golden Bronzer. This bronzer is amazing, it's perfect for the summer. This bronzer was only three dollars. The Golden Bronzer as you can see has 4 different shades. You can either use just one or two of the shades or three or all of the shades. I love mixing up all the shades together. They look fabulous and they create such a natural color for contouring, nothing too heavy. I highly recommend this product. I promise you, that you would be amazed.

This is probably one of the second products that I highly recommend. It's the same price as the Golden Bronzer ($3.00). I have about all of their blush from their studio line. I was so blown away with how gorgeous the colors were and the great quality it had. I love all of their blush colors but I would have to say I recommend you getting the peachy keen. That is my favorite one out of all the blushes. It has a shimmery tone to it. But it's an everyday blush color. You can wear wherever you go with whatever clothing that you are wearing.

This is one of their duo eyeshadows from their essential line. It's only a dollar for one. I have about 20 of the duos like this in different colors and shades and I love them to death. They are super pigmented and they have a great variety of colors.

Red has been a great trend this year. Looking for the perfect red lip stick/stain/gloss??? It's always been really hard for me to find the perfect red. Either they are too light of a red or too dark of a red. ELF has one of the best red lip stain/gloss I've ever stain for such an affordable price. Again it's 3.00 and it's from their studio line.

I have only used this crease brush from their essential line for about a month or two now and I love it. It work really good. It's for a dollar and it's worth the dollar. It works great for applying eye shadow to the crease. It's not too big so it helps sets the color right in.

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