Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello Kitty Contact Case

My Hello Kitty Contact Case $6.00


04/21/2011 - When I first purchased this I was actually very happy with it until!!!  I noticed how the contact case does close tightly.  It was cute but my solution kept spilling.  And then I accidentally left it in North Carolina.  LOL.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to Spot Fake Cosmetics

How You Can Spot Fake Cosmetics?

Me and a couple friends were talking about how you can spot fake cosmetics.

1.)  First NO I mean NONE!!!  Mac palettes comes with a freaking SPONGE APPLICATOR.  If you was to purchase something like that it's probably fake.

2.) If the MAC pigment you ordered off of amazon or ebay comes only with a number and no name of the shadow it's probably fake.

3.) A lot time the pigment is a little smaller then the real one.  

4.) Hello Kitty is a biggie with MAC but it has a lot of fake ones out there too..  Please watch out.  They have a lot of fake hello kitty mac out there.  I'm retarded and got one myself. BIG OPPS!!!!  If the nose the pink park is off of the white line it's probably fake.  If it doesn't say LIMITED EDITION on it.  It's probably not real.

5.) Loose powder pigments....  Please test it on your hand.  Pour a little on your hand and rub it off.  If it comes off pretty easily it's probably fake. This is a biggie with MAC.

6.) The round pigments doesn't have two slots where you can have access to the eyeshadow and a slot below for a sponge applicator.  

7.) The pan is usually thicker than the ones that is real.  This is usually seen with NARS.

Good Examples: 

Hello Kitty Nails

My Hello Kitty Nails.  I'm not a Pro but I do love doing nails.  Let me know what you think.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Cargo Palette $28.00

Sephora Hello Kitty $36.00
I just bought these items today and I really like them.