Monday, June 20, 2011

No recent Youtube or No recent Blog Post

I'm so sorry to my followers and my subscribers.  I've been so tired lately getting everything ready for my baby girl coming around August 18th 2011 that I haven't had much time to put up any new videos or any new blog posting.  I'll try my best to get something up as soon as possible, but currently my internet is not working either at the moment.  There's so many things that are happening right now that may be the reasons why I haven't done anything new.  I'll try my best to put up something very very soon.  I just want to thank Angie (BrendonsMom03) for sending in my Sigma E25 traveling brush.  I will be putting up a review video of that very soon and two other requested videos.  I hope everyone is doing good and thank you for being patient with me.  

Friday, June 3, 2011

My New Lover

This is my new lover.  My new HTC Inspire.  I thought I was going to be able to upgrade in October, but I checked again yesterday and I was able to upgrade already.  So I upgraded my phone yesterday.  I had the Iphone 1g and I hate it.  It's so old fashion. I can't even send picture messages.  That's how gay it is.  I love this phone though.  At first when I first picked it up to play with it, it seemed too big but I love what they have to offer on this phone.  My iphone and my husband iphone 3g does not vibrate when you touch the screen.  I didn't like that too much. So I got this one and this one vibrates when you touch the screen.  I'm not an expert yet at touching it.  I'm still trying to to get use to everything on the phone.  It's a lot more confusing then my iphone.  I'm currently looking for a case for this phone..  I can't wait to see what different HTC Inspire cases they have.  :)